Ghost fans…

I’ve gotten away from tattling on my exploits….and I prolly owe you some dirt…so here goes…

I fessed up about this neurological disorder/immune system civil war type condition last week…pretty much run the whole gamut of emotions with this thing…

Better define that one for you:


  1. The complete range or scope of something: “the whole gamut of human emotion”.
  2. A complete scale of musical notes; the compass or range of a voice or instrument.
Been pissed off….sad…exhausted…laughed about it…and then back around to pissed again.
Thursday, I was thinking…man, work is kicking my ass….and then I got a couple texts about going out.
I really was going to go home….but Black Sabbath was twisting my arm.
We met up for some drinks at Little B’s spot.  I had a couple of beers.
Bounced over to the strip club….Sabbath is wearing a sport coat and this Green lantern pin on it….
I’m wearing a pair of jeans…my StL 2011 Champs stocking cap, and windbreaker and t-shirt…haha…
We had a couple of beers there, and his button must have been working, cause this girl from the Emerald City was under his spell.  This guy was getting numbers like crazy all night.
(She will give me her number…the power of the Green Lantern…Never fails!)
I’m pretty sure that I’ve said this before…really don’t care for strip clubs.  I prefer to unwrap my packages and like to be surprised….just not my thing.  There was this one girl who could move.  Damn, could that girl, MOVE.  The rotations and gyrations that her hips and the flow of her arms, etc….she was like…damn…I don’t know what…but it was noteworthy.
Listening to Sabbath go on about the Oompa Loompas tossing singles like I was tossing beads on St. Pat’s was a riot….the dancer under his spell was even laughing with us.  I sat there…drank two beers and jibbered in French and Spanish at her.  Again…not really my place…but it makes the Sabbath happy.  (Someone has to remember what he did/who he met, to remind him via text the next day…..Man, great time last night bro…You remember a Kari? or Lisa?….every damn time like clockwork.)
We went up to the Gay bar next, and I lost him……Again.
I wandered all up and down the main drag looking for his ass.  Finally….found him…BACK at the the Gay Bar. (How do you lose a 6’3″, very black dude in a purple sport coat?….his reply…I’m a ninja fool!)
During my travels, I ran into Captain America and Chainsaw….they were babysitting this chick who was passed out at the bar at an impossible angle…not sure how she was staying on the stool.
(Pretty sure this is what she looked like when they got her home.)
Best highlight of the night….watching the 20-something girl darn near strip down completely to show everyone in the bar her tattoos.
Grand total for the evening…6 bottles of beer and a calzone.
Yeah…not really feeling it….
This MG stuff sucks….starts in my face and hands…spreads out.
Spent Friday night playing some Call of Duty-MW3 with Subzero.  I’m an ass.  Run around with the blast shield and a grenade launcher….making people’s lives hell.  Love smashing guys with the shield….a lot of fun.  My other favorite is when they keep shooting the shield and they kill themselves with the ricocheting bullets…..when they pull out the RPG’s, I pause and try to back pedal QUICK….they usually get my ass though.  If they’re trying to be slick and stick a semtex grenade to me, I’ll charge them, and blow them up too.
Saturday was the LDoC…
The crap these kids say.
The girl- “I love you more than a popsicle, Dad.”
The big boy-“I’m gonna go to college, twice….and be the best starfighter pilot…EVER!!!”
Then…there’s the little one….
Sitting in the car seat in the middle across from his sister, he strokes his chin like he’s thinking and shouts, “I KNOW! How about I be NICE to you!!!”
He reaches over and gently pats his “sisser” (as opposed to his bruddah/brudder) and then folds his hands in his lap.
(Not what I was expecting…at all.)
We watched Mirror, Mirror.  Nice little flick.  No damsels in distress here.  Definitely a Girl’s kick butt movie.
Hit Barnes and Noble…bought the demons some reading material…teach them to love books early.  Hit McD’s for nuggets and playland action, then finished up with a trip to one of my friend’s Ice cream/Coffee shops.
I met this chick three St. Pat’s ago and have kept in touch here and there…she works like a rock star…goes to school, has picked up a fiance (Tell him to look me up on the PS3….Irish_Ghost28, if I’m not mistaken) and OWNS this Ice Cream/Coffee shop for the past year.  The girl is busy.
She Who Must Not Be Named showed to pick up the demons…I had forgotten that she was allergic to strawberries, and the little one….LOVES them like I do.  So I had to help him with his ice cream to keep it from running down his cone.  The girl loves the damn mint ice cream…like my old man used to.  Gabe is like his mum….Chocolate Brownie Fudege something or other….  Funny how they pick that stuff up.
Chatted with My Latina Overachieva for a bit after they left, and then drove my ass home….played some more CoD with my boy Subzero, and the hand twitch was full on in the right hand.
Sunday, the MG was bad….just slept most of the day…got up and played some video games around noon…showered and went to the Olive Garden with TFG.  We BS’d a bit.  Stuffed myself, and then headed over to the movies to watch 21 Jumpstreet…..laughed my ass off.  Had a good time. But, when I got home…the hand twitching was real bad…was doing it at lunch while I was trying to hold the menu.
Pretty much slept for about 16 hours.  Missed out on boardgame night with another friend…just physically was sucking ass.
That’s about it….nothing else extraordinary.
Still..managed to get out there and do something….instead of just sitting on the couch. F*cka yuuuuuu, Dohl-phinnnnn!!!!!!  No, f*cka you eMmmmm-Geeeeeee!!!!!!  (See South Park, Whale Whores episode.)
One day at a time….
Ghost out…

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