Guest Blogger Friday…Say hello to Lemon!

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Employment, Exercise, Guest Blogs, Humor, Life, Personal, Relationships
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Howdy, Ghost fans…

Welcome to Guest Blogger Friday…where I kidnap bloggers and force them to do my dirty work….so I can screw off!

Got my day started with a text from a couple of ladies, and my dog freaking out as I was trying to bring him…where he appears to have killed something in the back yard and was eating/playing with it’s parts…and in his mad dash into the house, he slams me into the doorframe and tears part of my right thumbnail….you rotten little motherf*cker!!!!

Well, anyway…

Today we have Lemon…there’s also a video you’ll need to click on.

This one today will hopefully get you thinking about your perspective, and how you view your life.

If you think it’s sh*t…it will be.

Your attitude makes the entire difference…like laughing at my hand tremors…they’re less funny when they happen to my eye…but I try to laugh then too.  Life’s too short.  Find humor in everything you do….you’ll enjoy a lot more of your life.

Ghost out…

Thanks Lemon for being a dear and letting me slack today! 😉

  1. You’re very welcome and thanks to you too… This is just cool 🙂

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