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Howdy, Ghost fans…

I’m still recovering from the St. Patrick’s Day Massacre…

Finally mustered up the courage to check the bank account online yesterday….

For somebody who was awake for pretty much 36 hours straight….and was drinking for about the last 25 of them….I did very well.

Still finding Derby Girl glitter on my person…afraid to wash my clothes with anything I like for fear of spreading the contamination…That hour long siesta in the back of their float truck, followed by the tossing out of beads at the masses was a ton of fun.


I’m still getting texts from people like this:

I have a picture with you. When did I see you? I’m still can’t remember all of Saturday.


Neither can I.  I’m piecing it together from text messages, pictures popping up on Facespace where I was tagged, and pics in my own camera.

Anyway, as I’m attempting to find all of the pieces to put together a St. Pat’s post for you bastards, I’m going to resort to giving you lots of pictures with comments that I picked off the internet.  Funny or Die,….you know sites like that.

You should enjoy….gonna reblog this girl out of Austrailia for tomorrow.  You should dig her stuff too.  I’ll get my legs back under me soon….I hope…


(It had to happen sooner or later…The Ghost Ex-Girlfriend Convention…..Hope this sh*t doesn’t become an annual event….Wait…the GXGC?  There should probably be some royalty earnings there?  Note to self:  Examine potential earnings windfall of such an event.)


(More fun with translation!  This would be how one diagnoses the issues with the Ghost Ex-Girlfriend….I’m in trouble if they’ve devoted an ENTIRE department to that type of “Examination”.)


dating fails - Dating Fails: Return of the Meme!

(Seen a lot of these lately…Men…you know you’re guilty…Wait…is that the Left hand? Somebody’s been cheating on Ms. Right!)


job fails - Monday Thru Friday: I Need This Program....Now!

(Dear Lord, please get me this app for my company laptop!!!!!)


mobile phone texting autocorrect - Autocowrecks: A Frowny Face Will Have to Do

(It doesn’t me….Cause I’d be needing to figure out ANOTHER way to dodge those darn Ghost addicts!)


dating fails - Dating Fails: In All Fairness the Expectations of Cats are Much Lower

(Ladies…..I know you struggle with logic sometimes….but…care to explain here?)


funny facebook fails - Failbook: Don't Hate The Player

(Most important lesson of the day…Never mess with computer geeks…they can screw your life up in ways you can’t imagine.)


Ghost out…